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Setr – Serene Tranquility Oil Refill


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The Aroma blend of SETR Oil Refills can soothe and relax a tired mind instantly. Clary Sage, known as one of the most soothing and balancing oils, promotes feelings of relaxation, especially during times of stress. It fights insomnia and helps treat symptoms of chronic fatigue syndrome, anxiety and emotional tension. Cedarwood is comforting and reassuring. It possesses a sweet, woody-balsamic, slightly camphorous scent that helps focus the mind and relieve anxiety, nervous tension, and stress. It is uplifting, strengthening, comforting, and grounding, and it helps to create balance.

“Aroma cushions and refill oils are hygiene products and cannot be returned or exchanged.”

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  • Serene Tranquility Oil Refill
  • with 2 Oil Refill bottles, each 2 ml


INGREDIENTS : Essential Oils of Clary Stage and Indian Cedarwood, diluted in ACM (natural solvent for long-lasting aroma diffusion)

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