Enjoy water, as if served in a royal Indian palace! Handcrafted to perfection, our copper glasses bring an added sense of heritage and sophistication to your everyday life. Welcome your guests with a heartfelt and vitality-filled gesture, as you serve them water in a pure copper glass! It will not only quench your thirst but also put your mind at ease with these plastic-free alternatives. Copper glasses are truly sustainable and will last you a lifetime!

The Two-Tone copper glass is rich & sassy. A stainless-steel inner wall and polished copper exterior come together to create this classic take on a cocktail mug. Topped with a burnished high-shine finish, this handsome mug is the ultimate accessory for crafting elegant cocktails and much more! Most importantly, it keeps drinks chilled for up to two hours.

Our copper glasses are just the touch of royalty you need in everyday life. Go on, make it an experience to remember!



Forrest & Love copper glasses are handmade with 99.7% pure copper, are TÜV Rhineland tested and bundled with Ayurveda and vitality benefits. The perfections and imperfections in each and every piece are uniquely handmade by our team of artisans, who have learned this art of copper designing from their forefathers. The designs are aesthetically minimalistic and classic, where their forms do all the talking. The motifs range from hammered to engraved to polished. Thanks to the undying benefits of copper, they can be easily be passed on as precious gifts from mother to daughter and transcend generations. We hope that our timeless pieces accompany you through your everyday life. Hopefully for a lifetime!