forrest and love


In a world filled with mass flow production and hyper-consumerism, handcrafted artisan stories keep us together. Our products are made from nature. We work with resources that are recyclable and sustainable.
Each Forrest & Love piece is handcrafted using traditional techniques, wrapped in very minimalistic packaging and offers Ayurveda and vitality benefits.
Together we want to redefine fashion and lifestyle. With Forrest & Love, you choose handicrafts over mass flow production, tradition over trend and sustainability over fast fashion.

Shamika Dhuri & Rohit Tattu
Founders of Forrest & Love and Copper Luxury


It all started with a gift.

Shamika’s mother gifted her a copper jug while she was on her India trip. On coming back to Germany, she flaunted this handmade piece of art to her friends, colleagues and then thankfully also to Rohit. If you know Rohit, you will know he finds business opportunity in almost anything – he is kind of loaded with new ideas. Soon their first concept and prototypes were ready; these were presented at the very next trade fair in Munich.

Rohit & Shamika were amazed to witness massive interest for a simple product that they have known since their childhood. Both of them have grown up drinking copper water and know its magical benefits in and out!

Within a few weeks they were in India and spent a month setting up their own production base with a family run copper manufacturing firm in North India. Throughout their first production, they remained in India and got to know the manufacturing processes first hand. This also helped them keep high quality and fair working conditions at check. The artisans hired by Forrest & Love are masters of their handicraft. Over the years, a trustworthy cooperation has been formed with the artisans; which allows Forrest & Love to spread wings even wider.




Together we want to redefine fashion and lifestyle. With Forrest & Love, we offer handicrafts over mass production machines, tradition over trend and sustainability over fast fashion. We want to bring products that you can CHOOSE, USE and REUSE!


We believe that everything you pay attention to, will grow. And this is how we want to make an impact. We ensure that our manufacturing processes are utmost resource-saving, sustainable and most importantly, ethically fair. Besides, we stress on less packaging, zero waste production and avoiding plastic wherever necessary – be it in our office routine or at our production site.


We love creating magic with our hands. Our mission is to continue designing everyday products that can be made into something special without sacrificing on their functionality. Within the framework of craftsmanship, traditional values and natural materials, our design ethos is to make things stand out and turn heads!


Our mission is to protect our start-up mentality. Ever since we set up Forrest & Love, our aim has been to work smart, not hard. We avoid long meetings and reporting’s, overtime and stressful work environment. Our zeal is to keep our minds free for new ideas and innovations and work towards our mission. We wish to remain a happy, fun-filled company.

True Masterpieces Are Beyond Beauty

They evoke emotions, bring back memories and surprisingly fit in your everyday world.