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POPE Oil refills bring to you a positivity boost from the joyful aromas of Lemongrass and Neroli. With its fresh lemony fragrance, Lemongrass is stimulating, relaxing, soothing, and balancing. It boosts self-esteem, confidence, hope and mental strength, and it uplifts spirits and fights negativity. Neroli drives away sadness, invokes a feeling of joy and happiness while uplifting your overall mood. It gives relief from anxiety, distress, anger and depression. In other words, it relaxes both the body and soul.

“Aroma cushions and refill oils are hygiene products and cannot be returned or exchanged.”

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  • Positivity Peace Oil Refill
  • with 2 Oil Refill bottles, each 2 ml


INGREDIENTS : Essential Oils of Lemongrass and Neroli, diluted in ACM (natural solvent for longlasting aroma diffusion)

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