If making a difference in the world and contributing your bit towards sustainability is your Motto in life, then Forrest & Love is the place to be. We are a small, independent, family run business, that has started a designer revolution in the field of Eco Fashion & Green Living. When you represent Forrest & Love products, you are not just representing something exquisite that is handmade and hand packed with love, but also standing with and supporting organic over pesticides, handicrafts over machines and exquisite quality over mass market consumerism!


Do work that matters

We avoid long meetings and presentations that land in some delete folder! Instead, we love challenging ourselves, work on ideas and innovate. We work with flat hierarchies and open door policy.

Accelerate your growth with us
If you want to see your ideas comes to life and take on new challenges, Forrest & Love is the place to be! We hire for ability and fit, and encourage ongoing learning on the job. Moving quickly from an entry position to take on bigger roles in not unusual at Forrest & Love – it’s part of our growth-focused culture.

Be part of a global team
Forrest & Love hires the best people, wherever in the world we find them, giving them opportunities to grow into new roles. We have teams in India and Germany representing 12 countries across four continents, and we are always on the lookout for potential team-players who will be a good fit.

Receive competitive compensation
Our compensation is highly competitive for the markets we hire in. In addition to paying competitive market rates, we offer generous vacation plans and also yearly and quarterly bonuses to our top performers and key team members. We believe in investing in our people and offer them opportunities to attend conferences and participate in trainings relevant to their roles.

Germany Office

Forrest & Love Headquarter is located in Munich, Germany. Here we have our Sales & Business Development team who is responsible for New Businesses and Key Account Management.

India Office

That’s where the heart of Forrest & Love lies! Our Pune, India office innovates, designs, creates content that further builds the brand. Our Production, Web Designing and Graphic Teams are based in Pune, India.