The ultimate Ayurvedic oral care with the power of copper! An easy solution for a fresher breath and a better oral hygiene.

Tongue scraping is an effective method to remove tongue build-up. What’s more – our tongue cleaners are made from pure copper, which means added antibacterial & antimicrobial benefits of copper! Your search for the secret to improving oral health ends here!

Aus reinem Kupfer

Antibakteriell & antimikrobiell

Komfortabler Griff; flexibel

Glatte, breite Kante zur Entfernung von

Kämpft gegen Mundgeruch

Verbessert den Geschmackssinn

Tool that will last for a lifetime

Made of pure high-grade copper

Smooth wide edge to remove residue build-up

Combats bad breath

Offers a comfortable, flexible grip

Acts naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial


Pure copper

Made of pure high-grade copper, that can last a lifetime. A smart, sustainable choice.

Ayurvedic ritual

Ayurveda prescribes tongue cleaning as the first step in your morning routine, to get rid of ama (Ayurvedic term for toxins) expelled by the body.


Pure copper acts naturally antibacterial & antimicrobial, ensuring a truly clean experience.

Comfortable & convenient

A smooth wide edge, comfortable grip and flexible sides

Copper Tongue Cleaners by Forrest & Love are lab-tested to prove their antibacterial effect on tongue microflora.


As per Ayurveda, the ritual of tongue cleaning scrapes out Ama (Ayurvedic term for toxins) from the tongue. Simply slide over tongue from back to front with gentle pressure 3-4 times every morning. A cleaner mouth means wider smiles, which means a better you!

Product dimension: 14 cm x 5.5 cm
Cleaning Tip: We recommend cleaning your tongue cleaner with mild soap before first use. Since copper itself is antimicrobial, rinsing it under running water after daily use is sufficient. Store in dry conditions. Pure copper naturally oxidizes over time and may turn darker. Simply polish with a mixture of lemon & salt to restore the shine of copper. Wipe off with a soft, clean cloth or rinse under water.



Wash your tongue cleaner with mild soap before first use. Hold the tongue cleaner by either sides, which are flexible for ease of use.


Extend your tongue out of your mouth and place the U-shaped part on the back of your tongue. Gently slide over the tongue from back to front 3-4 times with gentle pressure. Rinse under water & store in dry conditions.


Tongue cleaning or scraping is prescribed in Ayurveda as the first step in the daily morning-care routine. Ama (Ayurvedic term for toxins) are expelled by the body when we go through detoxification and repair processes during sleep. A way to rid your body of Ama is through the Ayurvedic practice of tongue cleaning, as it gets accumulated at the back of the tongue after a sleep cycle. A tongue cleaner effectively removes the Ama build-up that may get absorbed by the body and helps for a for better oral hygiene.

Our tongue cleaners are made of pure high-grade copper. Use of copper finds its prominence in Ayurveda due to its naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Hence, a copper tongue cleaner will provide a truly clean experience without the use of any chemicals.

A tongue cleaner is more effective in removing the residue & build-up on the tongue as compared to using a toothbrush. Although using a toothbrush is better than not cleaning your tongue at all, nothing compares to the results of using a tongue cleaner for a truly clean experience.

A gag reflex is triggered when you touch an area too far back in your mouth. Place the tongue cleaner on the tongue as further back as possible without gagging and gently slide over the tongue 3-4 times to get rid of the coating. This might take a few tries to get used to.

We recommend washing the tongue cleaner with mild soap before first use. After every use, simply rinse it under running water and store in dry conditions. The shine of copper can be restored by polishing it with a mixture of lemon and salt.

Pure copper oxidises naturally over time and may develop a darker colour. This does not impair the antibacterial properties of copper. Simply clean with a mixture of salt + lemon and wipe off with a clean, soft cloth or rinse under water.