All Forrest & Love products are handmade in India using traditional techniques, making each piece unique. No mass production can match the exclusiveness with which our trained and experienced artisans create this piece of art. In a few cases, there may be minor blemishes and imperfections in the making, just as in nature, where no two things are ever the same and yet, each carries its own beauty.

Minor imperfections and marks are within the tolerance range of craftsmanship. As we work with pure copper, it is completely natural that copper could turn darker over time due to oxidation or patina build up. In such a case, you can clean your copper product using citric acid.

Cleaning instructions as well as further information and tips about our copper water bottles can be found directly on our FAQ page and there you can watch our videos.


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A complaint is understandable and justified in case of a production defect due to which the product can no longer be resold or used, e.g.HOLE, CRACKDEFECTIVE SILICON RINGSERIOUS DENTS  and DISCOLORATION. For comparison please have a look at a few reference photos. If the defect has been caused by you or your customer, we are unable to hold responsibility and will not replace the product.

Kindly note that returns and replacements are only applicable for items purchased through our online shop or directly through us. For products purchased through our partner stores or online stores, you are requested to claim for refund directly through them.


For an efficient processing or your product complaint, please fill out the below form.

Our customer service team will respond to you as soon as possible. 

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