Selo – Sensual Love Oil Refill


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SELO Oil refills blend two of the most exotic essential oils, Ylang Ylang and Rosewood, both known to elevate sexual energy between lovers. Ylang ylang (Cananga odorata) with its sweet, soft, flowery fragrance is extremely effective in enhancing sensuality, attraction between lovers and increasing the libido. Rosewood, the warm, woody yet spicy fragrance is becoming increasingly popular for its warm, uplifting scent. It is a mood lifter, also renowned for instilling positivity and stimulating the body and mind to relax and be free from stress and mental clutter.

“Aroma cushions and refill oils are hygiene products and cannot be returned or exchanged.”

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  • Sensual Love Oil Refill
  • with 2 Oil Refill bottles, each 2 ml


INGREDIENTS : Essential Oils of Rosewood and Ylang-Ylang, diluted in ACM (natural solvent for long lasting aroma diffusion)

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