Unveiling Scientific Test Results: The Remarkable Impact of Using a Tongue Cleaner

Tongue Cleaner

In the realm of oral hygiene, the traditional practice of tongue cleaning has been gaining increasing attention, not just for its historical roots but also for its potential scientifically proven benefits. To go beyond anecdotal evidence, Forrest & Love conducted scientific tests to delve into the tangible effects of incorporating a tongue cleaner into daily oral care routines. Let’s explore the fascinating results that shed light on the remarkable impact of this age-old practice.

Tests were conducted by a laboratory for food & water testing, which conclusively prove that Copper Tongue Cleaners decrease the bacterial load in the mouth. The tests were conducted using swab test method.

Test summary:

Reduction of Microorganisms: The key finding from this scientific test is the significant reduction in the number of microorganisms on the tongue’s surface after using a tongue cleaner. The accumulation of bacteria and fungi noticeably decreases after the use of Tongue Cleaner.


The scientific test result supports the efficacy of using a tongue cleaner as a valuable addition to oral hygiene routines. Beyond the aesthetic benefits of fresher breath and a cleaner tongue, the findings suggest potential implications for overall well-being.