Magical Wand for Enhanced Hydration: Copper Infuser by Forrest & Love

Copper Infuser

In the pursuit of holistic well-being, staying hydrated plays a pivotal role. Imagine a simple yet ingenious product that not only transforms your water-drinking experience but also introduces the numerous benefits of copper to your routine. Enter the Copper Infuser – a unique creation by Forrest & Love – made of pure copper, designed to effortlessly hang in any glass jug or carafe. This feather-shaped infuser not only offers a space-efficient alternative but also brings forth the magic of copper to enhance your hydration ritual.

The Design

The Copper Infuser boasts a design inspired by the elegance of a feather, seamlessly combining artistry with functionality. Each piece is lovingly worked upon by our artisans, skillfully crafting the delicate details of the Feather.  Crafted from pure copper, its aesthetic appeal is matched by practicality. The feather shape allows it to gracefully hang inside any glass jug or carafe, and a convenient hook ensures effortless use and removal. This thoughtful design makes it an excellent choice for those seeking a portable solution without compromising the health benefits associated with copper-infused water.

The Benefits

  1. Antibacterial Power: Copper’s natural antibacterial properties make the Copper Infuser an effective tool for inhibiting the growth of harmful bacteria and microbes. By immersing it in water, trace amounts of copper ions are released, ensuring that your water remains fresh, safe, and conducive to good health. At home or away, the simple yet effective Copper Infuser ensures you get truly clean drinking water, wherever you go.
  2. Alkalising Effect: The alkalising effect of copper is a significant advantage. The Copper Infuser slightly increases the pH of water, making it more alkaline (see scientific studies here). This is particularly beneficial for those following an acidic diet or seeking to balance their Doshas according to Ayurvedic principles. Alkaline water is believed to neutralize acidity, promoting overall health and balance. Drinking this alkaline, copper-infused water is widely practised by Yogis and Ayurveda followers.
  3. Portable and Space-Efficient: Want to switch to copper-water but too many bottles and tumblers at home already? No sweat, the Copper Infuser is your dream solution. Unlike traditional copper jugs or bottles, the Copper Infuser offers a compact and portable alternative. Its feather-shaped design fits into various glass jugs or carafes, catering to those with space constraints or a preference for minimalist wellness accessories.

The Easy 2-Step Process


Immerse the Infuser
Fill any jug or carafe of your choice with water. Simply hook the Infuser onto the mouth and ensure that it is fully submerged in water.


Allow to infuse
Leave the Infuser immersed for at least four hours, ideally overnight, and allow the copper ions to infuse with the water. The Copper Infuser will steadily increase the pH-level of still water over a period of 4-12 hours, providing you with refreshing naturally alkaline water.

By simply allowing time for infusion, you unlock the full potential of the Copper Infuser. Elevate your water-drinking experience with this small yet powerful addition to your wellness routine. Make it a nightly routine to put out your infuser in your water carafe and pour out a vitalising drink the next morning. Prioritize your health and make hydration a delightful and beneficial experience with the Copper Infuser – your key to a more refreshing and wholesome lifestyle. And to top it off, an aesthetic way to enjoy your wellness-drink!