Test passed! TÜV-tested drinking bottles

We have more good news! There is another reason to celebrate – the test results from TÜV-Rheinland for our copper surfaces have arrived – and the result is very positive.

In brief, three important categories are included here:

  • Copper content   >99% according to the test
  • No toxicity detected  (heavy metals such as lead, nickel, etc.) according to the REACH agreement Chapter 17
  • Food Safety  – Food safety for the bottle including the paint has been confirmed

What makes Forrest & Love so unique and significantly different from other bottles are the revitalizing benefits of copper, our use of high-quality, food-safe, and BPA-free materials that do not produce an undesirable taste, and the durable, rust-proof finishes, even on the bottle threads. 

Copper is revered in India for its extensive list of revitalizing benefits. Moreover, it possesses antibacterial properties and keeps the water inside it cooler than room temperature. The body relies on copper for the proper utilization of iron, energy release, and nerve signal transmission. In accordance with Ayurvedic principles, experts recommend storing drinking water in copper vessels overnight to infuse the essential trace element into the water in trace amounts. Drinking water from the copper water bottle helps maintain a good lifestyle and also helps the environment by avoiding single-use plastic bottles.

You can read the detailed test summary here.