Copper Patch


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Handcrafted by artisans

Copper Patch, with its anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and self-sterilizing properties, kills germs and bacteria on the go, keeping the phone surface germ-free!

  • No recharging, or replacement required.
  • Heating, dents, scratches or discolouring do not affect the lifespan or performance of copper patch.
  • If well handled, copper patch has a durability of a lifetime.

Not suitable for phones that heat up too quickly.

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  • Made of 99.7% pure copper
  • Weight: 0.35g
  • Dimensions: 9cm x 6cm
  • Side 1: Modern pattern, Side 2: Plain Matt
  • Watch out how copper Patch keep your phone germ-free
  • Sticks on any even phone cover surface
  • View scientific test results
  • How to Use

    The Copper Patch comes with a two-sided design. The front side has been hand-etched in a Modern pattern; the backside with a sleek Matt pattern. You can select your design between Matt and Modern.

    Once you have finalized your favorite design, stick the adhesive tape on the side that you do not select. This will naturally be the backside of your Copper Patch which gets stuck to your phone case.

    Stick the Copper Patch at the back of your phone case. Place it well, depending on how you hold your phone the most. Enjoy a germs-free phone surface thanks to the Copper Patch!

    Important Tips

    Usage Tips:

    • If your phone is old and heats up while charging, detach the phone cover with Copper Patch while charging.
    • Keep copper patch dry and away from salty, acidic environment.

    Cleaning Tips:

    Copper, like any other precious metal, develops patina over time. This does not hamper the anti-bacterial properties of copper. The protective microbiostatic layer of the patch will keep on functioning even if it turns darker over time. Copper Patch is super easy to clean. Simply polish with lemon + salt. Wipe off the mixture with a clean damp cloth or rinse off with clean water.

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