Multi-functional, earth-loving fabric, that’s a gift in itself.

Stylish, sustainable and reusable, Forrest & Love fabric giftwraps are undoubtedly better alternatives to disposable paper gift wrapping. Honouring Furoshiki, the 1,200-year-old Japanese tradition of fabric wrapping, we present designer gift wraps that can be repurposed and reused a thousand times over.

All gift, no waste!

Rewraps by Forrest & Love are incredibly gorgeous, zero-waste alternatives to single-use paper wrapping. We create over hundred thousand tonnes of waste from wrapping paper, gift bags, ribbons and bows that directly go into the landfill every holiday season! And for what? For a few seconds of the sound of paper being ripped apart when someone opens a gift. Not to mention the glitter and plastic-coating which makes the paper unrecyclable and adds to microplastic waste. Isn’t it scary, that we are passing this unnecessary, wasteful tradition of gift wrapping on to the next generation?

Using Rewrap to pack your gifts is not just a sustainable way of gifting, but also cost effective – after unwrapping the gift, your loved ones can either reuse the fabric for gift wrapping and pass on the love, or they can repurpose it entirely! Tie it up into a handy tote, style it as a scarf, headband, or even a top to wear – you will be amazed with all the things you could do with a single piece of fabric!

Wrapped within seconds

No more sticky tapes, ribbons or even scissors! With a few knots tied under a minute, you can beautifully wrap your gifts, making them irresistible to open!

A gift forever

Pack gifts of almost any shape and reuse a thousand times over! They can even be repurposed into a scarf, handbag, tote, lunchbox carrier, headband... truly a gift that keeps on giving!

Earth-loving fabric

Unlike wrapping paper that ends up in the trash after a few minutes, Rewraps are made of gorgeous cotton satin with a subtle sheen, that leave behind absolutely no waste!

Handcrafted with love

Original designs that make every gift that much more special! Our designers & tailors add their love and care, something that machines wouldn’t do.

How to use Rewrap

Pack any gift of your choice with just a few folds and knots, and no tools whatsoever! Choose a fabric size whose diagonal is approximately three times the length of the gift. You don’t need to be exact – a few extra tucks and knots will do the trick. That’s the beauty of fabric wraps! Here are a few basic guidelines, but let your imagination run free with how you want to wrap your gifts!

Books & boxes

  • Spread the fabric with its corners towards you and place the gift at the centre.
  • Take the bottom corner and lay it over the gift, tucking the extra cloth underneath. Repeat with the top corner.
  • Narrow the sides that will be tied up and bring to the centre, the right side pointing towards the left and vice versa.
  • Tie the sides together in a double-knot and your gift is ready!

Bottles & cylindrical objects

  • Lay out the fabric with its corners towards you and place the gift at the centre.
  • Bring in the side corners to the top and tie into a single or double-knot.
  • Grab the other two corners and bring them together at the centre of the object.
  • Tie the two corners into a knot or bow as you like, and there you go!

Round objects

  • Place the fabric with its sides towards you and the gift at the centre.
  • Tie two adjacent corners together in a knot. Repeat with the other two corners.
  • Bring in one of the knots to the other knot and loop through.
  • Adjust and tighten the knots over the object and tie another knot if needed. Et voilà!